Building a transparent and extensible consensus network that powers today’s data-driven financial firms

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A Modern Consensus Network
for Independent Price Verification (IPV)

Combining Parameta Solutions’ Evidential Price (EvP) with PeerNova’s Cuneiform® Platform to provide a transparent consensus solution
High-fidelity Transparent Consensus Web

High-fidelity Transparent Consensus for Better Position Justification

Richer Consensus with Authoritative External Source Icon Web

Richer Consensus Complemented by Evidential Price (EvP)

Transparent and Streamlined Challenge Process Icon Web

Automated Challenge Process Further Improving Consensus Results

Stats Metercs Trends Icon Web

Insightful Statistics, Time-Series Analytics, and Participant Trends

Multiple Consenus Runs and Results Icon Web

Extensible and Cohort-Based Consensus

Unified and Coherent Experience and Community Icon Web

Community-driven, Unified Experience with Rule-based Policy Governance

About ClearConsensus

ClearConsensus is a transparent and extensible consensus network for Independent Price Verification (IPV) in the OTC derivative market. Combining Parameta Solutions’ Evidential Price (EvP) with PeerNova’s data quality and analytics platform, ClearConsensus enables market participants to optimize for risk capital allocation and reduce the total cost of ownership.

To learn more about Parameta Solutions and PeerNova, please see the about page.

Addressing Today’s
Regulatory and Bank Requirements

Improving business resilience, optimizing capital reserves, and meeting regulatory requirements

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