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Our Mission

Building a transparent and extensible consensus network that powers today’s data-driven financial firms

In today’s complex and highly regulated financial ecosystem, timely and transparent consensus pricing for derivatives is critical for establishing reference points for trading and managing risk.

Traditional consensus tools lack adequate insights into their methodologies, policies, and procedures. Additionally, there are no external authoritative sources to complement the consensus price. Lastly, the challenge process is typically manual, inefficient, and untimely, leading to increased risk, excess capital allocation, and an overall lack of confidence in the results.

Through ClearConsensus™, TP ICAP’s Parameta Solutions and PeerNova provide:

  1. A transparent consensus methodology to demonstrate control
  2. Richer consensus results guided by market observable data from the Evidential Price (EvP) and participant trades and orders
  3. Agile, flexible, and modern technology aligned with stakeholder, value realization, and governance needs

About Parameta Solutions

Parameta Solutions is the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP Group. The business provides clients with unbiased OTC content and proprietary data, in-depth insights across price discovery, risk management, benchmark and indices, and pre and post-trade analytics. Its post-trade solutions offering helps market participants control their counterparty and regulatory risks through a growing range of tools that manage balance-sheet exposure, as well as compression and optimisation services.

About PeerNova

PeerNova’s mission is to empower firms to make confident and timely decisions using high-quality data. PeerNova’s platforms enable users to monitor data quality metrics, identify and resolve high-impact exceptions and outliers, and perform faster root-cause analysis across the enterprise and network landscapes in real-time.

In partnership with Parameta Solutions, the ClearConsensus™ solution establishes a mid-market high-transparency consensus view of derivative prices in the OTC markets. This enables market participants to optimize for risk capital allocation. PeerNova’s Cuneiform® Platform provides reconciliation, data quality monitoring, and client onboarding that reduces manual processes and improves operational efficiency across complex workflows.

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in data and financial infrastructure, PeerNova is a Silicon Valley technology company with sales offices in New York and London.

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