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Our Solution

A Modern Consensus Network
for Independent Price Verification (IPV)

ClearConsensus is a transparent and extensible consensus network for Independent Price Verification (IPV) in the OTC derivative market. Combining Parameta Solutions’ Evidential Price (EvP) with PeerNova’s data quality and analytics platform, ClearConsensus enables market participants to optimize for risk capital allocation and reduce the total cost of ownership.

ClearConsensus is designed to address the business resilience and regulatory requirements of a consensus network. It provides market data overlay using TP ICAP’s Evidential Price (EvP), expert cohort consensus to reduce noise through data science, and a rules-based and automated challenge process to further complement the consensus results. The solution is easy-to-use and supports current integration and evolving re-platforming requirements.

High-fidelity Transparent Consensus Web

High-fidelity Transparent Consensus for Better Position Justification

The consensus methodology, governance, and policies are evident to all participants. This degree of transparency helps IPV professionals gain confidence in the valuation of positions.

Richer Consensus with Authoritative External Source Icon Web

Richer Consensus Complemented by Evidential Price (EvP)

Parameta Solutions’ Evidential Price helps complement the consensus price outcomes as dealer outliers are directly compared against an independent, authoritative, and market-observable data source. The EvP data combines real-time indicative pricing from two leading sources with trades and orders sourced from the world’s largest over-the-counter (OTC) market intermediary.

Transparent and Streamlined Challenge Process Icon Web

Automated Challenge Process Further Improving Consensus Results

The automated challenge process and resolution results in the elimination of outlier false positives, thereby ensuring a more reliable consensus price that is based on accepted and submitted points. The solution provides additional post-challenge consensus reports which are then published to all participants in a timely manner.

Stats Metercs Trends Icon Web

Insightful Statistics, Time-Series Analytics, and Participant Trends

Comparative and time-series analytics and reporting help confidently guide strategy and decision-making for independent price verification. Insights can also establish historical trends and help align outcomes with goals.

Multiple Consenus Runs and Results Icon Web

Extensible and Cohort-Based Consensus

To support valuation decisions, additional consensus calculations and results are needed to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. The solution provides cohort-based consensus calculations determined by the participants’ expertise for a particular instrument and asset class.

Unified and Coherent Experience and Community Icon Web

Community-driven, Unified Experience with Rule-based Policy Governance

The solution easily integrates with existing workflows and helps unify the entire consensus, challenge, and publishing processes into coherent experiences. Policies are network-driven, with a community understanding of processes and changes that continuously improve operational workflows and consensus results.

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