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PeerNova Joins Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS)

07 Nov, 2022  |  Published in Press Release,

San Jose, CA – November 7, 2022 – PeerNova® today announced that it has joined the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) to help foster the adoption of open source, open standards, and collaborative software development practices in financial services.

“We are excited to join FINOS and collaborate with fellow members of the community,” said Gangesh Ganesan, PeerNova Founder and CEO. “Through our membership, we aim to support the standardization of financial assets and help onboard clients and asset classes faster into the ClearConsensus™ solution.”

As a regulatory compliant platform, the foundation enables developers from diverse financial industry participants to collaborate on projects with a strong propensity for standardization and mutualization of technology. FINOS has enabled codebase contributions from both the buy- and sell-side firms and counts over 40 major financial institutions, fintechs, and technology consultancies as part of its membership.

The ClearConsensus platform helps financial institutions improve both their business resilience and regulatory response through a high-fidelity consensus network. The solution enables market participants to optimize capital, reduce total cost of ownership, and easily integrate with current technologies. By joining FINOS, PeerNova will continue to provide solutions that help financial firms reduce their risk and streamline their Independent Price Valuation (IPV) processes.

About PeerNova

PeerNova’s mission is to empower firms to make confident and timely decisions using high-quality data. PeerNova’s platforms enable users to monitor data quality metrics, identify and resolve high-impact exceptions and outliers, and perform faster root-cause analysis across the enterprise and network landscapes in real-time.

In partnership with Parameta Solutions, the ClearConsensus™ solution establishes a mid-market high-transparency consensus view of derivative prices in the OTC markets. This enables market participants to optimize for risk capital allocation. For more information, please visit https://clearconsensus.com.

Founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs with deep expertise in data and financial infrastructure, PeerNova is a Silicon Valley technology company with sales offices in New York and London. For more information about PeerNova, please visit https://peernova.com.

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Navid Jafari
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
PeerNova, Inc.

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